Enterprise Services



The Automated Time Attendance and Production System (ATAAPS) application is hosted by DISA as an Enterprise Service and the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) serves as the software vendor. ATAAPS gives the DoD and other government agencies who are paid by the Defense Civilian Payroll System (DCPS) the ability to accurately record time and attendance while capturing labor hours by job order (task).

ATAAPS is a web-based data entry application, functioning with the use of exception-based logic, that allows employees to enter time and attendance information while selecting and charging time to the associated job order/task (i.e leave, overtime, comptime, wellness, etc.). Additionally, leave requests may be submitted to the appropriate individuals for approval. ATAAPS is a feeder system to DCPS providing the Source Data Automation to payroll.

As an enterprise-wide service, ATAAPS reduces the cost of operations and maintenance within the DoD and other government agencies by consolidating hardware into DISA's secure, global Defense Enterprise Computing Centers (DECCs).

ATAAPS creates a common platform for the DoD and other federal agencies who use DCPS as their payroll system of record, ensuring agencies can easily and effectively enter, validate, certify, audit, and transition records to DCPS electronically.

ATAAPS has five categories of users:

  • Employees
  • Timekeepers
  • Certifiers
  • System Administrators
  • Super Users


The technical and functional benefits of ATAAPS include:

  • secure Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) / Public Key Enabled (PKE) access to ATAAPS
  • compliance with personally identifiable information (PII) / Privacy Information Assessment (PIA) / Privacy Act (PA) separation and limitation of access
  • cost reduction of time and attendance feeder systems by eliminating unnecessary administration and inefficient resource utilization, enabling resources to focus on other priorities
  • standard back up and disastery recovery policy and procedures and established Continuity of Operations (COOP) plans to ensure payroll files are transferred to DCPS
  • compliance with:
    • the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI) to reduce the total number of federal data centers
    • reduction of applications
    • standardization of / migration to Joint Solutions
    • standardized Ad Hoc Reporting

    The Service Desk support includes:

    • ATAAPS Application Support Desk – provides a Level II, Tier II service desk to an organization's Level II service desk to resolve incidents and problems beyond the organization's technical ability when they arise. DISA integrates organizations into the ATAAPS operational structure and provides world-wide support through a centralized Tier I service desk, ensuring you receive the support and information assurance you need, when you need it most.
    • Service Desk Support (Mission Partner) – ATAAPS Tier I and Level I service desk support are internal to individual organizations. Organizational end user support is provided locally by their ATAAPS Tier II representative, the Super User.
    • DISA Tier I Service Desk – provides the INITIAL interface for ATAAPS customer organizations to request support services from DISA's Tier II ATAAPS Application Support Desk. Service ticket generation and problem documentation is gathered and entered into the service ticket. A tracking number is generated and the ticket tracking number conveyed to the customer. At the conclusion of this process the ticket is transferred to the ATAAPS Application Support Desk.
    • DFAS Tier III Support – If it becomes necessary, tickets may be escalated to Tier III support provided by DFAS.


    ATAAPS provides our mission partners with confidence in knowing their employees' attendance information entered into ATAAPS is hosted in a world class, robust, and secure data center which protects employees' PII/PIA and other business sensitive data, and ensures transmission to DCPS, the official system of record for pay.

    The DISA-hosted ATAAPS application supports our mission partners in reducing legacy application ownership and FDCCI efforts by transitioning the ownership, responsibility, and hosting of their time and attendance payroll feeder system.