Network Services



The SME-PED service provides DoD personnel with wireless mobile communications leveraging continuing investments in intelligence, reconnaissance and Command and Control (C2) capabilities. The service provides personal communication devices with integrated wireless e-mail, web browsing and document viewing, which has enabled a new breed of mobile workforce.   


  • Mobile access to classified systems using the SBU IP Data and Secret IP Data services.
  • Type 1 and non-type 1 encryption for data and voice.
  • Connection to DoD voice gateway for Multilevel Secure Voice service access.
  • Connection to the Multiple Commercial Wireless Service (MCEP) for SBU and Secret IP Data services access.
  • Single entry point for enclaves requiring multiple diverse wireless network services.
  • Managed end-to-end service with common reliability and security characteristics.



Service Offering Secure Mobile Environment Portable Electronic Device (SME-PED)
Service Lifecycle Status Maintain & Sustain
Security Classification Up to and including Top Secret (TS)
Value to Our Mission Partners SME-PED provides DoD personnel with unclassified and secret voice and data wireless handheld mobile communications. It is anticipated that the following government organizations will be utilizing SME-PED once Final Operating Capability (FOC) is reached in 2012: National Command Authorities, DoD Components, Intelligence Community, and Department of Homeland Security. Starting in 2013, this service offering will be expanded to include support for new handheld mobile devices, applications, and protocols via implementation of a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) wireless gateway service. This service will enable DISA to function as the MVNO for the Department, negotiating DoD-wide access contracts with commercial providers resulting in lower cost of ownership for the warfighter.
Service Performance

Service performance is measured, monitored, and reported as defined in the Telecommunications Service Level Agreement, which can be found on the Telecommunications Service Level Agreement page.

Service Rates Service rate information can be found on the DISA Direct Home page at under Inventory and Billing.
Connection Approval There are services that require a connection approval. Information regarding connection approvals can be found at the DISN Connection Process website for unclassified users, and at website for classified users.