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The ability to disseminate and receive classified communications is critical to many DoD missions, and DISA is working to meet the demand for both secret and top-secret mobile capabilities.

DoD Mobile Classified Capabilities (DMCC) are being developed in partnership with industry, the military services, and the National Security Agency and are expected to reach initial operational capability in early 2014.


The initial DMCC Secret offering will include:

  • Testing and approval of classified mobility devices.
  • Public Key Infrustructure (PKI) solutions/capabilities.
  • A mobile device management solution.
  • Email capability.
  • Limited international roaming capability via a virtual private network.


DMCC will be offered as a Defense Working Capital Fund (DWCF) service by the end of fiscal year 2014. Like many of DISA’s enterprise service offerings, DMCC is designed to achieve economies of scale; the per user costs will decrease as the number of subscribers increase.

Details on pricing and ordering procedures will be published in the FY2014 DWCF Rate Letter found on the DISA Direct Website in the Inventory and Billing section.

To join the classified program, users and organization must meet specific criteria:

  • DISA must provide all DMCC devices;
  • Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet) DoD Enterprise Email (DEE) is required for Outlook Web Access (OWA) capabilities;
  • DMCC users must have the appropriate clearance level that is at or above the DMCC device they are issued.


Currently all Service Desk support for DMCC is provided by DISA.

Users and organizations should work with their CC/S/A Mobility Liaison and contact the Mobility PMO.



A top-secret voice pilot will begin in early 2014, with initial operational capability anticipated later that year.