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Today's information technology (IT) systems and equipment must be able to communicate not only within a specific branch of the military, but with other services, agencies, and coalition partners.

DISA's Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) is recognized throughout DoD and industry for their diligence in extensively testing and providing joint certification for the net-centric systems employed by our armed forces.

The testing and certification of the IT systems and equipment prior to downrange deployment is a critical component of ensuring warfighter success. At DISA, the safety of our men and women in uniform is paramount, which is why we believe the battleground should not be the testing ground.

Interoperability Testing and Certification 
Testing/Interoperability Certification
Joint Interoperability Test Command
System Tracking 
System Tracking Program (STP)
 Joint Interoperability Tool
Joint Interoperability Tool (JIT)