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The TS/SCI Videoconferencing service provides secure video communication between SCI users and is designed to support the room-based studio quality and desktop conferencing to the DoD Intelligence Information System (DoDIIS) community through the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Regional Support Centers (RSCs). The service provides global Video over IP communications for DoD customers within SCI enclaves connected to the TS/SCI IP Data service, and uses stream-based encryption for private video traffic.


Quality of Service (QOS) — provides the ability to provide different priorities to different pre-marked packets (applications, users, or data flows) or to guarantee a certain level of performance to those packets across the DISN. It does not provide on customer's traffic a higher priority than another customer's traffic.

Room-based video teleconferencing (VTC) features include the following:

  • High-quality, studio-based videoconferencing.
  • Software scheduling assistant.
  • Integrated multimedia display capability.

Desktop VTC features include the following:

  • Ad hoc videoconferencing.
  • Integrated directory service.

Service Offering Top Secret / Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI) Videoconferencing (formerly known as JWICS Videoconferencing)
Service Lifecycle Status Maintain & Sustain
Security Classification Up to and including Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI)
Value to Our Mission Partners The DoDIIS TS/SCI Videoconference service has been designed to support DIA and DoDIIS global business, routine, and mission-critical VTC needs. Commanders regularly use the system for classified collaborative planning because of its availability and high quality. The system uses JWICS wide area network (WAN) infrastructure as a transport medium for communications between connected SCI enclaves.
Service Performance

Service performance is measured, monitored, and reported as defined in the Telecommunications Service Level Agreement, which can be found on the Telecommunications Service Level Agreement page.

Service Rates Service rate information can be found on the DISA Direct Home page at under Inventory and Billing.
Connection Approval The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) is responsible for the connection process. The connection process for TS/SCI IP Videoconferencing (JWICS) is referenced in paragraph 17 of the CJCSI 6211.02D, "Defense Information Systems Network (DISN) Responsibilities," dated 24 January 2012.