Network Services



DISN Video Services are part of the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), Global Information Grid (GIG), Combat Support (NS24), which is responsible for managing and overseeing VTC operations on the Defense Information System Network (DISN). It is available to the Department of Defense (DoD), other Federal Government Departments and Agencies, and their contractors. The DISN provides the long-range part of the Global Information Grid (GIG). The GIG is the web of communications capabilities that meets the information processing and transport needs of the DoD. DISN Video Services - Global (DVS-G) is the name of the Government contract for the Hubs developed in support of the DoD's Global VTC vision.


This global contract provides DoD VTC users a bridging service using industry standard technology for interoperability and multi-point VTC requirements. Increased flexibility was added to the system by providing subscribers a way to access VTC users on other tactical and non-DoD networks such as FTS2001, commercial networks (Accunet, Sprint, etc.), and tactical networks. DISN Video Services will allow subscribers to access the Navy’s tactical VTC to the Fleet (Video Information Exchange System [VIXS]). In addition to connecting unclassified VTFs, DISN Video Services also has the capability to support up to, and including, Secret bridging requirements with the intent to provide VTC services to all US Forces, deployed worldwide.

Use of DISN Video Services is available through either Dedicated Service or Dial-Up (Switched) Service, as described on the Characteristics page.

The DISN is comprised of four operational areas:

  • CONUS (Continental United States),
  • Europe
  • PAC (Pacific)
  • SWA (Southwest Asia)

The DISN Video Services Network is composed of six regional Hubs, each of which supports KG-194, KIV-19, and KIV-7HS communications security (COMSEC) equipment (for encrypting classified conferences). DISN has contracts with the following for support:

  • DISN Support Services – Global (DSS-G), awarded to Boeing Information Services Inc.;
  • DISN Switched/Bandwidth Manager Services – CONUS (DS/BMS-C), awarded to MCI Telecommunications Corp.;
  • DISN Transmission Services – CONUS (DTS-C), awarded to AT&T Government Markets;
  • DISN Transmission Services – CONUS Extension (DTS-CE), awarded to Sprint, MCI, and AT&T; and
  • DISN Video Services – Global (DVS-G), awarded to AT&T Government Markets.

For more information, please continue on to the Characteristics of DISN video services or DVS Standards.