Enterprise Services



The Department of Defense (DoD) Data Services Environment (DSE) contains the structural and semantic metadata artifacts critical to successful development, operation, and maintenance of existing and future capabilities that support the DoD Net-Centric Data Strategy.  Its goal is to simplify the publication and discovery of data services that facilitate information sharing across the DoD.

The DSE provides one-stop access to DoD data source directories to improve search, access, consistency, and integration of data services as well as to increase collaboration among data producers and consumers.

DSE promotes this vision by:

  • Acting as a “key enabler” to make data visible, accessible, and understandable
  • Providing greater data visibility and accessibility by implementing this Enterprise Service
  • Reducing cost and improving timeliness through the consolidation of Authoritative Data Sources
  • Streamlining search and access by providing a set of tools to register and discover data services across the DoD

As the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (OASD) Executive Agent, DISA maintains and operates the DSE under the direction and oversight of the DoD Chief Information Officer (CIO).


Discover - Users within the DoD Enterprise can discover and leverage various Enterprise Service offerings and discover the Authoritative Data Sources that fulfill their data needs.  Developers can locate information such as service offers, service specifications, and taxonomical information, and they can readily reuse these existing entities to save time and avoid duplication of effort.

Publish  - The DSE publish feature provides users a clear set of workflows from a single interface point for publishing, managing and governing their assets that include:

  • semantic metadata artifacts such as service interface specifications (i.e. WSDL files) and supporting message formats (i.e. XML Schemas) as well as descriptive and informative documentation supporting those assets
  • services and service metadata including service end points, service POCs, and the service PMO
  • Authoritative Data Sources including systems, data stores, and capabilities that fulfill particular data needs
  • DoD Discovery Metadata Specification (DDMS) records that include the core discovery information required by the DDMS and publish that information to the Enterprise Catalog

Governance – Provides various views of governance structures such as Namespaces, COIs, Service Providers, Authoritative Bodies, Mission Areas, Domains and other governing authorities.

Metrics- Reports on metadata, activity, service and Authoritative Data Source management.


The DSE is a central, federation-capable site for the publication and distributed management of metadata. It is a virtual "place" where collections of metadata components, in which DoD organizations and others have invested, can be:

  • published, visible, accessible, and understandable to large audiences
  • transparently and collaboratively evolved and otherwise managed by representatives of a large, diverse, and geographically distributed group of people and organizations
  • monitored to determine contextual relevance (importance/priority), quality, usage, and other factors that affect engineering and resourcing (future investment) decisions
  • exploited by the machine-to-machine process in support of such functions as validation and transformation

DSE is the DoD’s designated enterprise tool for worldwide content discovery. It allows the users to define their search criteria and discover content provided via a centralized search engine, federated data sources, and the Enterprise Catalog.