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The Multinational Information Sharing (MNIS) service serves to assist in the facilitation of information sharing among DoD components and eligible foreign nations in support of planning and execution of military operations.


  • CENTRIXS supports intelligence and classified operations information exchange and sharing up to SECRET Releasable (REL). CENTRIXS is federated among global and command enterprise environments. The global environment is managed by DISA to serve and interconnect command enterprise elements. The command enterprises consist of servers, applications, and encryption systems that form essentially autonomous service environments interconnecting command enclaves through existing regional communications networks for bilateral or multilateral access among cooperating nations and international organizations.

  • CMNT


  • Pegasus/Griffin provides information sharing between participating nations for planning, implementing and executing multinational planning and operations. Information sharing capabilities requested by the Multinational Interoperability Council Principals through the Combined Communications-Electronics Board are provided between national SECRET level C2 systems of the participating nations. Services are provided by DISA at regionally located facilities. Current services include email with attachments, sharing (bi-directional) Common Operational Picture (COP), national reach back for liaison officers, directory service. Plans include web services, chat services and exchange of military messages.



MNIS is a portfolio of initiatives to improve interoperability and information sharing with coalition partners. It provides standard community of interest services and applications to facilitate collaboration among DoD components and foreign nations. This functionality provides Cross Domain Service (CDS) that allows connectivity to national C2 systems and information sharing between multinational partners within an isolated sharing environment. Initiatives:

  • CENTRIXS is the Combatant Commander's network for coalition warfighting. CENTRIXS is designed to be a global, interoperable, interconnected, inexpensive, and easy-to use system to share and exchange intelligence and operations information through reliable communications connectivity, data manipulation, and automated processes. The CENTRIXS environment is a combination of network and applications services. CENTRIXS provides a secured exchange of intelligence and operational information through reliable communication networks There are 40+ CENTRIXS networks/communities of interest (COIs) providing selected centralized services including: Active Directory/DNS Roots, VoIP, WSUS and Anti-Virus Definitions, and at least 80 countries plus NATO nations participate in the various CENTRIXS networks/COIs.

  • Pegasus/Griffin is a multinational-developed, managed and resourced collection of networks and services that provides information sharing among their national classified (SECRET level) networks and C2 systems. Griffin enables participating nations to plan, implement and execute multinational planning and operations from the strategic to tactical headquarters level. It permits users to share SECRET REL information from their national C2 system workstations.

  • The Combined Federated Battle Laboratory Network (CFBLNet) is a coalition RDT&E environment with Combined Communications-Electronics Board (CCEB) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and other charter nations/organizations. CFBLNet leverages existing CCEB, NATO, and other national laboratories and test beds to support a wide range of coalition ISR experimentation and interoperability testing. As a combined environment and network, members have equal say in its use and management, yet specific initiatives may be configured among any number of participants. CFBLNet members respect sovereign and intellectual property rights of activities conducted on the network. CFBLNet is primarily a fee for service activity.

  • Unclassified Information Sharing / All Partners Access Network (UIS/APAN): A web 2.0 service that combines the benefits of unstructured collaboration (wikis, blogs, forums) and structured collaboration (file sharing, calendar) with the personalization of social networking. The existing functionality is maintained at USPACOM Pacific Warfighting Center (PWC). Through FY11 and FY12 it will sustain existing HARMONIEWeb COI User support, complete the standup and roll over of APAN users to UISC enterprise at DISA DESC-M, and expand functionality to all COCOMs and other mission partners. By Q3FY12 the goal is to stand up a shared enterprise service functionality - One Solution: Unclassified; Non-dot-mil; Gateway to DoD.