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DISA to Support Presidential Inauguration

The Defense Information Systems Agency’s Communications Management and Control Activity (CMCA) will provide personnel and communications services to the U.S. Secret Service for the fifty-seventh Presidential Inauguration on Jan. 21.

InaugurationCMCA Army and Air Force communication technicians will assist the Secret Service with the installation and maintenance of radio networks supporting command posts for the event and at various points throughout the inaugural parade route.

CMCA personnel will also support communication requirements for the U.S Capitol, Secret Service’s Headquarters and Washington, D.C. Field Office, and the Multi-Agency Command Center — which will provide a central command and control post for representatives from the 42 federal and state agencies involved with the inauguration.

CMCA’s civilian and military personnel have the responsibility to support both the Secret Service and the Joint Director of Military Support for special activities such as the United Nations General Assembly; U.S. Navy Fleet Week; the Olympics; Special Olympics; DoD-sponsored national rehabilitative sporting competitions, such as the National Disabled Veterans Winter and Summer Sports Clinics; and a host of other DoD-sponsored special events.

CMCA provided protective communications for the presidential and vice presidential candidates during the 2012 Presidential Campaign and has also supported former presidents and visiting heads of state.

Planning for the inauguration began immediately after the election; however, the communication requirements are predicated on when the Secret Service receives their requirements for the event. The telecommunication requirements are requested by the participating federal, state, and local agencies.

CMCA’s Inauguration Day duties will commence very early on Jan. 21. The organization will continue to provide communications support to ensure the safety of President Obama, Vice-President Biden, state officials, other dignitaries, and the public during the ceremony, parade, parties, balls, and other high visibility events that will take place on Inauguration Day and the days that follow.

After these events, equipment has to be recovered, accounted for, and palletized -- then prepared for the next mission.

DISA’s presidential inauguration support started with the inauguration of Richard Nixon in 1968.



Posted January 18, 2013