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DCO Doubles Capacity

The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) announced today that the enterprise collaboration tool for the Department of Defense (DoD) is about to double in capacity.

Defense Connect Online (DCO) is DoD’s enterprise tool to facilitate collaboration by allowing users to communicate and share information through the use of audio-video Web conferencing, instant messaging, and low-bandwidth text chat. DCO is a service provided to all DoD partners and is available through both the Sensitive but Unclassified Internet Protocol (IP) Data Service (formerly known as NIPRNet) and the Secret IP Data Service (formerly known as SIPRNet).

DCO has recently experienced unprecedented growth and now boasts more than 800,000 registered users. This growth was accelerated by the DoD-wide effort to cut travel and conference expenses, and now more DoD users are using DCO to conduct online meetings and training.

Due to the rapid increase in demand, DCO’s unclassified capacity requirements significantly increased beyond projections, which resulted in some instances of poor system performance and denial of service during peak usage times.

DISA, which provides this enterprise service, makes every effort to plan ahead to meet capacity requirements and has expedited previously scheduled expansion plans to immediately address the situation. In the short-term, capacity will double by Feb. 15 to permit twice as many simultaneous users. In the long-term, DISA is enacting measures that will expedite future expansion of the service by incrementally adding capacity as demand dictates.

“As an agency, we are committed to providing globally accessible and secure enterprise solutions for the DoD,” said John Hale, DISA’s chief of enterprise applications. “DCO, one our largest enterprise services, has emerged as a critical cost savings tool during a heightened period of budget constraints and travel restrictions.”

“Since 2007, DCO has facilitated millions of web-conferencing meeting minutes, connecting our mission partners from the tip-of-the-spear to desktops and mobile devices around the world. While the capacity limitation has been difficult, the popularity of the tool is evident in our usage statistics. As an agency, we are taking immediate steps to ensure current and future expansion is extended to all users in an efficient manner,” Hale said.

DISA is working hard to optimize DoD investments in information technology, providing services to DoD users that allow them to get the capability they need at the best value. Enterprise services, as a whole, allow mission partners to save and reinvest critical budget dollars and resources by using enterprise solutions to accomplish their mission rather than developing their own, and sometimes redundant, services.

About the Defense Information Systems Agency

DISA, a combat support agency, provides, operates, and assures command and control, information-sharing capabilities, and a globally accessible enterprise information infrastructure in direct support to joint warfighters, national-level leaders, and other mission and coalition partners across the full spectrum of operations. From its Fort Meade, Md., headquarters and through worldwide field commands, DISA provides information technology services that enable our nation's military to accomplish their missions.

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Posted February, 8 2013