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DISA Exceeds FY12 Small Business Contracting Goals

DISA’s Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) announced the agency has not only met, but exceeded, its small business contracting goals in fiscal year 2012, resulting in $1.3 billion DISA contract dollars being awarded to small businesses.

By awarding 26 percent of its contracts to small businesses, DISA beat its own goal by one percent, outperformed the federal small business goal of 23 percent, and helped the Department of Defense (DoD) work toward its department-wide small business goal of 22.5 percent.

“A full percentage [over the 25 percent goal] is phenomenal, especially when you look at DISA’s overall contract awards of $4.9 billion,” said Sharon Jones, director of OSBP.

DISA awarded 10 percent of contracts to small disadvantaged businesses (SDB) totaling $484 million in contract award dollars, five percent to woman-owned small businesses (WOSB) totaling $247 million, 3.8 percent to service-disabled veteran-owned businesses (SDVOSB) totaling $188 million, and 0.6 percent to small businesses in historically underutilized business zones (HUBZone) totaling $32 million. Increasing awards to HUBZone businesses to one percent will be a focus in fiscal year 2013.

All 4,460 contract actions that allowed DISA to exceed its small business goals were prime contracts. Contract awards where a large business subcontracts out specific areas of work to a small business are not counted toward DISA’s small business goals.

The agency negotiates its small business goals with the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) OSBP. It is then up to DISA’s OSBP to implement programs and initiatives that support the agency’s commitment to small business contracting. To achieve DISA’s goals, the OSBP hosted a number of events and held meetings with many small businesses.

Jones also credits the agency’s success to the direct support of the director, vice director, and senior staff who championed small business contracting, as well as the support of the Procurement Directorate and agency program managers for their increased focus on small businesses.

Jones said that not every contract may be best filled by a small business and, as a result, the OSBP makes the effort to promote equitable opportunities for all businesses.

“It’s not so much about achieving the goals, but giving small businesses an opportunity to provide products and services to the federal government,” said Jones. “When we allow a small business to compete for our requirements…they [can] hire people, and, when they hire people, they improve the economy.”

As the agency turns its attention to a new fiscal year, OSBP is looking at new small business goals. DISA will work to contract 26 percent of all agency awards to small businesses, with nine percent to SDBs, five percent to WOSBs, three percent to SDVOSBs, and one percent to HUBZone businesses. The office is planning to initiate a small business speakers’ series and host a HUBZone vendor showcase to raise awareness of these small businesses.

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Posted December 5, 2012