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Adobe Joint Enterprise License Agreement with Army, Air Force, and DISA lowers costs, provides latest technology, improves collaboration

FORT GEORGE G. MEADE, Md. – The Army, Air Force, and Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) recently entered into a $40.5 million three-year Joint Enterprise License Agreement (JELA) with CDW-G for Adobe products that reduces costs and improves interoperability, collaboration, document services, and publishing capabilities for nearly 2.6 million DoD personnel. This second DoD JELA also supports Combatant Command Headquarters where the Army and Air Force are the Executive Agents.

Army, Air Force, and DISA now have a single vehicle for accessing the latest Adobe technologies which include Acrobat Pro, Experience Manager Document Services, and a number of Creative Cloud (CC) subscriptions for each organization.  Although the Adobe cloud model allows instant software upgrades and file storage, the current DoD operational model will not require a network connection and will be installed and operated as traditional desktop software with file storage on the local device.

“The JELA is a best practice approach to answering enterprise software requirements for the DoD and joint operations," said Air Force Lieutenant General Michael J. Basla, Air Force Chief of Information Dominance and Chief Information Officer/A6.   "The agreement with Adobe not only produces substantial savings of $16.6M over the next 3 years but also allows us to move beyond electronic versions of forms and begin transforming business processes using online, fillable "smart" forms tied to databases."

“The agreement greatly improves the standard license terms and conditions to enable a true Joint Information Environment,” said Mr. Michael Krieger, Army Deputy Chief Information Officer/G-6.  “The Army will begin converting all Army forms to the Portable Document Format (.pdf) which will improve information sharing across DOD through standardization.”

“The Adobe JELA leverages the consolidated buying power of the Army, Air Force, and DISA to obtain capabilities at a much lower cost,” said Mr. Dave Bennett, DISA Chief Information Officer.  “DISA is in discussions with other vendors to pursue additional JELAs in partnership with the military services.  These agreements will save the DoD money and provide users with the tools they need to complete their missions.”

DISA was the lead organization for the contract which was awarded to CDW-G, an Adobe Value-Added Reseller.  This is the first Adobe JELA with the DoD, and provides the best pricing the DoD has ever received for Adobe products.



Posted February 14, 2014