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Service Support Environment

Fact Sheet: Service Support Environment/Global Service Desk

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  • The Service Support Environment (SSE) provides warfighters, military components, mission partners, and other federal agencies with a single point of entry for service desk support. The SSE is a centrally managed virtual platform that enables a unified process framework with a single ticketing system, a single service request management system, a single call management system, a single quality assurance plan, and a more robust knowledge-centered support structure.
  • In accordance with a Secretary of Defense initiative and Department of Defense guidance, DISA is consolidating 20 geographically dispersed service sites managing more than 108 environments. Geographic site determination will be made by DISA’s senior leaders.
  • A unified SSE approach enhances the DoD mission partner and user experience by providing:
    • Single mission partner/user self-help portal
    • Improved end-to-end situational awareness of DoD IT capabilities
    • Stronger defense-in-depth security posture
    • Improved end-to-end service assurance
    • Improved request resolution times, status updates, and expertise of the call agents
    • Lower operational expenses
    • Single IT Service Catalog and ordering mechanism
  • The unified SSE framework/environment makes it easier for Service Desk employees to manage call volume and improve the DISA mission partner/user experience by providing:
    • Consolidated and streamlined toolsets, processes, and resources
    • Improved knowledge-centered support program
    • Improved order capture tool
    • Enhanced first call resolution to minimize ticket escalation
    • Reduction of incidents and increased call avoidance
    • Increased agent skill set training
    • Increased mission partner satisfaction
  • SSE over five years will reduce cost by as much as $67 million in cost-savings/cost avoidance for the DoD.
  • The overall operation of the SSE is the responsibility of the Global Service Desk Management Office (GSDMO), which reached initial operating capability on July 10, 2014. 



Full operational capability is scheduled for December 2016.

  • The missions of GSDMO are to:
    • Plan, operate, maintain, and optimize a global Service Support Environment (SSE) that enables incident and problem response and fulfillment of mission partner/user requests in support of global information technology (IT) service providers and operators.
    • Build cost advantages that enterprises obtain through optimization of size, output, or scale of operation.
    • Create operational efficiency with increasing scale, leading to lower variable cost as well.
  • The GSDMO chief is responsible for resourcing, training, equipping, and developing SSE policies, procedures, and local operating instructions — e.g., tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs).  The chief ensures the SSE operates effectively and efficiently according to the prescribed policies and procedures, and must continually work to lower costs while increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the SSE.
  • The functions and responsibilities of the GSDMO are to provide a strategic central point of contact for users/mission partners and support the incident management process by providing an operational single point of contact to manage incidents to resolution.
  • Establishment of the GSDMO came from the need to centralize architecture and ensure a dedicated and independent IT service support mission. The GSDMO successfully manages funding and revenue to ensure continual service and to develop and institutionalize best of breed service management standards across the SSE. This office operates under the auspices of the DISA Director and the authority of the Director, Center for Operations.