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DISA helps employees to reach their professional goals through a wealth of leadership training and educational initiatives to maximize career development.

Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP) for College Students with Disabilities

DISA also recruits students under WRP. This program aims to provide summer federal internships for college students with disabilities. Individuals hired through this program may be non-competitively converted into excepted or career conditional appointments, to include the Career Development Intern Program.

Bridge Positions

The Bridge Program compliments the Intern Program and other student recruitment programs. Only current DISA employees may apply for bridge positions. Employees selected will enter into a formal training plan to include on-the-job training, formal training, college education, etc. These positions allow for non-competitive promotion to the GS-11 level.

Emerging Leaders Program

The Emerging Leaders Program is a 12-month, progressively tiered program designed to develop promising leaders (GS 9-12s). The program enhances participants' leadership and management capabilities through a combination of traditional instruction, targeted development activities, and distance learning opportunities. The Emerging Leaders Program helps prepare individuals for more progressive leadership training such as DISA's Executive Leadership Development Program.

Executive Leadership Development Program

The Executive Leadership Development Program is a 3-year program that ensures the availability of highly-motivated and highly-qualified candidates to fill anticipated senior-level and executive vacancies within the agency. The program is open to DISA employees (GS 13-15s) who have demonstrated significant leadership and technical potential.

Mentoring Program

The DISA Mentoring Program is part of an on-going commitment to the continuous development of the agency's workforce. The program provides a positive and supportive environment conducive to developing associates into more self-confident, fulfilled, motivated, and well-rounded employees.

Agency-Wide Rotational Program

The DISA Agency-Wide Rotational Program provides rotational assignments for DISA employees to gain knowledge, broaden skills, and enhance professional growth. Assignments are structured to provide a developmental opportunity for the participant, as well as to inspire leadership qualities. The objective of the program is to provide cross-disciplinary experiences that broaden employees' understanding of DISA's goals, mission, and organizational structures.

Competitive Development Program

The Competitive Development Program aims to broaden and enhance leadership, business, technical, acquisition, and other professional skills through advanced academic courses, focused training, and challenging developmental assignments.

Professional Licenses and Certifications Program

The Professional Licenses and Certifications Program offers employees the opportunity to demonstrate their mastery knowledge and skills in their professional fields. The program also serves as a tool to maintain high professional standards and provides employees with well-deserved professional recognition. Current policy allows for the funding of certifications and financial incentives for program completion.

Leadership and Technical Speaker's Forum

The Speaker's Forum provides the workforce with unique opportunities to learn from prominent leaders and experts in business, technology, leadership, and personal motivation via informal public speaking appearances.

Tuition and Fee Assistance Program

The Tuition and Fee Assistance Program provides tuition assistance for accredited college and university courses as well as technical seminars completed during duty or non-duty hours. Tuition assistance helps employees meet the needs identified in their individual development plans.

DISA eLearning

DISA eLearning offers over 2,000 computer-based training courses (including IT, Business, and Human Resources) and more than 80 online certifications (including Acquisition, Finance, IT, etc.). The program also offers over 8,000 digitized books on IT, business theory and application, finance, and office essentials.

George Mason University Certificate Program

The George Mason University Certificate Program, taught by the university's School of Information Technology and Engineering, strives to maintain its fundamental goal of developing and mastering engineering precepts and methodologies for information technology. The program focuses on information system- engineering based forms of describing, designing, developing, and deploying advanced technologies.