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Career Series: 1550 – Computer Scientist

Educational Background:
I joined DISA when I was an undergraduate student at the University of Maryland, College Park.

How I found out about the Student Career Experience Program:
I attended a career and job fair at University of Maryland to look for a co-op opportunity. I stopped by at DISA booth and obtained a brochure containing information about the SCEP program.

The reason I decided to take this position:
I accepted the SCEP position for a couple of reasons. DISA offered flexible hours allowing me to choose the date and time to go to work. Thus, I was able to maintain the requirement of the minimum working hours per week and able to take the courses of my study plan at the university. Upon graduation, there is the potential for DISA to offer a full-time position to those in the SCEP program. In addition, DISA offered federal employee benefits and many training courses.

What I do to support our nation's Warfighters:
I provide technical support to DISA employees who are developing and delivering advanced information technology to the Warfighter.

My favorite work-life benefit:
I enjoy DISA’s training programs. There are both classroom and e-learning courses to develop my skills and knowledge. 

My advice to those interested in a STEP position at DISA:
I participated in the co-op or DISA’s SCEP program to learn hand-on experience to help me to stand out from other applicants when I applied for jobs upon the graduation. I was then offered a full-time job after I graduated from the University of Maryland. Working at DISA, I learned the differences between the real world and classroom environments. I had chance to talk to professionals and get answers to my questions about future career options.