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Provide guidance and recommendations to the Principal Director, Operations (Ops), on all aspects of human resources and strategic planning within the directorate.  It is our mission to ensure that all Ops management has timely, accurate, and reliable personnel data for all decision making. This includes support to the 14 field commands and offices in 34 locations across 11 countries and 1 territory under Ops in their efforts to operate and defend the DoD's Global Information Grid (GIG).


Professionalize Workforce and Improve Quality of Life


Recruitment and retention of a professionalized workforce, along with improving the quality of life of that workforce, are crucial to accomplishing the mission of the Operations Directorate. To ensure we provide and sustain a professional workforce; improve and maintain the quality of life of that workforce; promote a healthy work environment; and support the Campaign Plan Joint Enabler 2.5: People, GO1 will:

  • Support DISA's training, education, and professional/personal development programs to develop and enhance the competency/proficiency of the civilian and military workforce in the DISA Operations Directorate
  • Manage DISA's Performance Appraisal System (PAS) for Operations Directorate personnel worldwide
  • Implement and Support DISA Quality of Life Programs (Compressed Work Schedule (CWS), Telework, Wellness, etc.)


These include managing:

  • Civilian and Military Awards and Decorations
  • DISA Performance Appraisal System (PAS)
  • Student/Intern Programs
  • DISA Quality of Life Programs
  • Senior Champions' Program for DISA's Telecom Workforce
  • SCI Billet Management
  • Personnel Security/Physical Security
  • Visitor Clearance Requests to Outside Organizations
  • Military Reserve Program
  • Military Evaluations
  • Military Manning