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The DISA CIO leads and governs the delivery and operation of secure world-wide enterprise IT services enabling the efficient and effective execution of DISA’s global combat support missions.


  • Ensure security and continuity of DISA provided capabilities
  • Evolve business systems to improve efficiency
  • Evolve the service delivery framework
  • Establish effective knowledge management framework
  • Establish effective portfolio management framework
  • Ensure compliance with legislation in areas of IT and Information governance
    • Privacy
    • Records
    • Investments in conjunction with SPI and CFE
    • * Clinger Cohen Act compliance
  • Govern to common architecture and solution
    • Enterprise Software
    • Common Platforms
    • Leveraging DISA provided and enterprise capabilities
    • Mission Support capabilities
    • Data exposure and web services
    • Provide and maintain internal IT services for the Agency
    • E-mail, file, and print services
    • Intranet application services
    • Telephone services
    • IT purchasing