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DISA Services Course

Fact Sheet: DISA Services Course

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DISA Services are major components of the DOD Information Networks (DODIN), and are building blocks for the C4I support DISA offers to the nation's warfighters. Mission Partners throughout the world depend on DISA Services to communicate and transfer critical information every day.

DISA will continue to evolve a secure and cost effective global information infrastructure, and create cutting edge services to support warfighter and other Mission Partner requirements.

The DISA Services Training Course provides students with an overview and working knowledge of DISA services, processes, security initiatives, requirements and customer support options.

This 3 day course is open to all DOD Services and Agencies and their contractors who want to learn about how DISA supports the DOD, what services DISA provides (current and future), and where to find more in-depth information and resources.

Attendees typically include both technical and non-technical personnel currently using or considering DISA services and those involved in DOD global telecommunications support, services, and cybersecurity.

DISA personnel, especially those new to the agency, have also found this overview of DISA and DISA Services very useful.

The Overview
Overview of the DISA mission, organization, services, and networks.

The Defense Information Systems Network (DISN)
Review of the transport infrastructure over which the DISA Services are conveyed.

DISN Services
Details of the classified and unclassified capabilities and services available through the DISN, including IP data, voice and video services.

Enterprise Connections
Outline of the requirements for customer connections to the DISA networks.

Request Fulfillment (Provisioning)
Review of the processes involved in circuit and services acquisition, from requirements definition to disconnection.

Discussion of the tools, techniques, and organizations that make the DISA networks secure.

Enterprise Services
Details of the globally accessible, DISA managed services, hosted in the DISA data centers.

DISA Computing Services
Overview of the services available through the DISA Data Centers, including cloud, server and mainframe hosting.

Supporting the Customer
Discussion of the organizations and processes that support DISA customers.

DISA's plans to evolve and enhance the DISA Service offerings and move DOD communications to a Joint Information Environment.

These three-day classes, with 25 to 100 participants each, are held throughout the year.

Classes will be held in locations throughout CONUS, hosted by the DISA Field Offices or hosted by the Military Services. At least two classes will be hosted by DISA HQ in the Washington, D.C. area. In addition, several classes each year will be hosted in OCONUS.

If you are interested in registering for, or hosting a class, please email Hosting requirements are listed in the HOST INFORMATION section of this webpage.

Training Schedule (Updated as classes are confirmed)


28-30 Jan 2020
DISA PAC, Ford Island, HI
DISA CIV/MIL also register in DOTS. Assistance: 808-472-5150, (DSN 315-472)

17-19 Mar 2020
DISA Global, Scott AFB, IL
DISA CIV/MIL register in DOTS, all others

31-Mar - 2 Apr 2020
DISA HQ, Ft. Meade, MD
Secret clearance required for this location
DISA CIV/MIL register in DOTS, all others

5-7 May 2020
Naval Base Norfolk, VA
Registration: 757-203-0019 (DSN 668)

28-30 Jul 2020
Ft. Huachuca, AZ
Registration: 520-538-5492 (DSN 879)

FY20 Completed Classes

8-10 Oct 19
Davis Monthan AFB, AZ

10-12 Dec 2019
DISA HQ, Ft. Meade, MD

Here are some comments from participants who attended the course:

"Great class - provided the overall big picture of the DISA role."
USMC, attended class in Okinawa, Japan

"I learned so much! … This class put so many network / DISN subjects into perspective"
NAVCIRT, attended class in Norfolk, VA

"Really good course; up to date and very relevant"
DISA PAC, attended in Ford Island, HI

This course answered more questions in 3 days than a year of reading.
USMC, attended class in Quantico, VA

If you are interested in hosting a class, reference theĀ Host Guide for more information.