Learning and Development


DISA believes that learning and development is the key to employee success and mission accomplishment. We offer life-long learning opportunities and choices throughout an employee’s career to encourage growth and development.

DISA learning and development opportunities include:

Developmental Rotations

DISA’s agency-wide rotational program provides rotational assignments for employees to gain knowledge, broaden skills, and enhance professional growth. Rotational assignments are structured to provide a developmental opportunity for the participant, as well as to inspire leadership qualities. The objective of the program is to provide cross-disciplinary experiences that broaden employees' understanding of DISA's goals, mission, and organizational structures.

Aspiring Leaders Program

The Aspiring Leaders Program is a dynamic developmental training program for selected individuals who have recently graduated from qualifying educational institutions or are hired under special hiring authorities.

Aspiring Leaders are challenged with a two-year training program intended to prepare new leaders for increased responsibility. The Aspiring Leaders Program contains four key training categories: core training, developmental training, formal feedback, and job series specific training delivered through a combination of on-the-job training, formal classroom instruction, correspondence courses, distance learning, and online courses.

The training program is intended to provide knowledge, skills, and experiences the participant can readily apply to future leadership challenges and professional pursuits. Additionally, the training program provides valuable opportunities to create a network of professional work relationships and enhance an employee’s understanding of the DISA mission.

Mentoring Program

The DISA Mentoring Program is part of an ongoing commitment to the continuous development of DISA's workforce. The program provides a positive and supportive environment conducive to developing employees into more self-confident, fulfilled, motivated, and well-rounded employees. The program is open to all DISA civilian and military personnel worldwide.

Competitive Programs

DISA’s Competitive Programs broaden and enhance employees’ leadership, business, technical, acquisition, and other professional skills through advanced academic courses, focused training, and challenging developmental assignments. DISA offers these programs competitively to high performing civilian and military personnel.

Advanced Certifications Program

DISA offers employees the opportunity to register for coursework, boot camps, and certification exams to establish professional credentials. DISA employees may earn professionally recognized certifications in areas including, Certified Analytics Professional, Senior Professional in Human Resources, Project Management Professional and more.

DISA eLearning

DISA eLearning offers more than 2,000 computer-based training courses (including IT, Business, and Human Resources) and more than 80 online certifications (including Acquisition, Finance, IT, etc.). The program also offers over 8,000 digitized books on IT, business theory and application, finance, and office essentials.