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There are numerous advantages to becoming a DISN Video Services subscriber. We are a service-oriented organization that offers a broad range of capabilities, and supports varying types of configurations with a service that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

1. Speed Matching
Although DISN is standards-based, the Hubs allow disparate equipment and speed/rate matching (variable connection speeds). Any approved infrastructure can be connected to the Hub.

Speed/Rate Matching

2. Global Connectivity
The DISN Video Services Network is composed of six strategically located regional Hubs. That global coverage keeps the calls less costly. All Hub to Hub video traffic is transported on Government provided T1 Circuits. DISN Video Services provides access to critical Federal Departments and Agencies, and is focused on being the preferred provider of VTC to the DoD.
Global Connectivity

Global Connectivity

Global Connectivity

3. Multiple Levels of Security
Secure conferencing is provided by DISN Video Services. Each Hub is equipped for encrypting classified conferences.
4. Help Desk
Global technical support for VTCs, which are in-progress or no more than 30 minutes in advance of starting, is available by calling AT&T's Help Desk, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at 1-800-367-8722 (DSN 312-533-3000). The Help Desk is the primary component of a two tier procedure in place to assist subscribers with problem resolution.

Help Desk

5. Reservation Scheduling
Call the DISN Global Support Center (DGSC) - DVS for assistance. DSN (312) 850-4790, commercial (614) 692-4790, or toll free 1-800-554-DISN (3476).
6. Directory Services
Subscribers to DISN Video Services are listed in, and have access to, the DVS Site directory—a virtual "phone book" compiled from the customer database.
7. Multi-point Conferencing
The DISN Video Services worldwide architecture includes both Multi-point Control Units (MCUs) and Digital Access and Cross-connect Systems (DCCS), which makes three or more participants in a videoconference possible. Both dedicated subscribers and dial-up subscribers are able to conduct multi-point video teleconferences, classified or unclassified.
Multipoint Conferencing
8. Access Via STEP
DISN VTC supports tactical connections via the STEP Interface.

Access via STEP

Yes, We Do It!
DISN Video Services has many other applications and possibilities:

DISN Video Services Applications and Services DISN Video Services

If you are interested in subscribing to DISN Video Services, learn how on the Becoming A Customer page, or contact us for more information.