The Joint Spectrum Center (JSC), a Field Command within the Defense Spectrum Organization (DSO), has leading experts in the areas of spectrum planning, electromagnetic environmental effects (E3), information systems, cyber security, quality assurance, modeling and simulation, and operations to provide complete, spectrum-related services to the Military Departments and Combatant Commands. JSC has extensive experience in applying electromagnetic environmental databases and analysis tools to assist in both the acquisition and operation of communications-electronics assets. JSC is a source of engineering expertise and services dedicated to ensuring effective use of the electromagnetic spectrum.

JSC provides services such as spectrum-planning guidance, system integration, system vulnerability analysis, environmental analysis, test and measurement support, operational support and spectrum management software development.

JSC provides support for spectrum planning, spectrum certification of new weapon and sensor system development, and training and operational support to the unified commands, military departments, and defense agencies. These services are also available to federal and local government activities. Additionally, foreign nations can obtain assistance through Foreign Military Sales (FMS) channels. JSC can provide these services to US industries when the efforts are determined to be in the interest of national security.

JSC Branches/Services


Cyber Security and Quality Assurance (J2) provides information assurance, technical and non-technical cyber operations expertise and oversight for all DSO spectrum capabilities and developmental efforts.  J2 also provides acceptance support for application developments and overall quality assurance processes for the DSO.


Operational Support (J3) provides communications-electronics and electromagnetic battlespace support, and joint spectrum interference resolution support to the Combatant Commands.

Operational Support (J3)

Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) Engineering (J5) provides E3 engineering and spectrum supportability (SS) technical support to the Department of Defense Chief Information Officer (DoD/CIO), the Joint Staff, the Services, and other DoD Components through: (1) Management of the DoD E3 Program and Policy Development; (2) Joint Capabilities Acquisition Support;  (3) Joint E3 Ordnance Program; (4) DoD Electromagnetic Compatibility Standardization; and (5) E3 and SS Training and Awareness.

E3 Engineering

JSC E3/SM Document Library

E3 Engineering (JSC/J5) main page on Defense Acquisition University

E3/Spectrum Supportability (SS) training schedule/E3 and SS training class descriptions on Defense Acquisition University

J5 E3/SS Request Forms Library on Defense Acquisition University


Information Systems (J6) provides information technology (IT) support to the DSO and JSC as the customer advocate for enterprise systems and services to enable mission execution. J6 operates and maintains advanced IT environments supporting deployment and sustainment of spectrum-related software application.

Spectrum Enterprise Services (J7) provides Joint, dynamic, responsive and agile spectrum management enterprise services and capabilities in support of the warfighters needs and requirements. The Global Electromagnetic Spectrum Information System (GEMSIS) Program Office is located within J7.  GEMSIS is the Joint program of record that develops and provides enterprise capabilities and services supporting the needs of the DoD.


Applied Engineering Division (J8) provides tailored engineering support and guidance that enables the DoD and Military Services to proactively plan, design, acquire, and operate spectrum-dependent systems compatibly in their intended electromagnetic environment.

Acquisition Support

Access to Federal Government Property by Commercial Wireless Service Providers

Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3)