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Customer Documents

Basic Guide to CFBLNet Accreditation Procedures
Basic Guide to CFBLNet Initiatives Process
Guidelines for Guest CFLBNet Mission Partners
CFBLNet Information Brochure/Trifold
CFBLNet Information Brochure/Trifold [A4 version]
CFBLNet Productivity Tool User Manual

Technical Arrangement, Charter

Technical Arrangement (May 2009)

CFBLNet Initiative Information Pack (CIIP)

Completion of this spreadsheet is required for all new initiatives and events to be conducted on the CFBLNet. An online version of the CIIP will be available as a part of the CFBLNet Productivity Tool.

Version 2.1

CFBLNet Publication 1, Version 8.0

Main Document Organization and Responsibilities
Annex A Terms of Reference
Annex B Initiative Processing
Annex C Security and Information Assurance Strategy
Annex C Appendices MSAB National Accreditation Endorsement Process
MSAB National Accreditation Endorsement Certificate (NAEC) Template
Classification Guidance for the CFBLNet
Annex D Network Operations (Network/Systems Aspects of CFBLNet)

Annex D Appendices 1-3

CFBLNet Level 0 Topology
CFBLNet Identifiers

Note: Annex D Appendices 1-3  are available upon request.

Annex D Appendix 4 Enclaves Table
Annex E Site Processing
Annex F GMP Sponsorship Processing
Annex F Appendix Guest CFBLNet Mission Partner (GMP) Approval
Annex G Document Management
Annex H Information Management Guidance
Annex I Glossary of Terms

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