Secretary of Defense Communications


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Secretary of Defense Communications (SecDef Comms or SDC) is under the operational control of the Senior Military Assistant (SMA) to the Secretary of Defense (SecDef) and administrative control of the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA).

SDC provides dedicated communication, information, and situational awareness services to the SecDef and Deputy SecDef, their immediate offices, and designated special emissaries that together enable the SecDef to orchestrate our nation’s defense, regardless of location, scenario, or environment. After the tragic events of 9/11, all of the disparate communication sources were combined and managed by SecDef Comms.

Support and services include:

  • Designing, procuring, implementing, operating, and maintaining high availability, interoperable, certified and accredited, multi-security level voice, video, and data services.
  • Providing cybersecurity and computer network defense.
  • Operating the Defense Telephone Link (DTL) network to provide the SecDef with the capability to talk securely to foreign ministers of defense and other foreign leaders.
  • Operating and maintaining the Executive Support Complex, which consists of the Executive Support Center, Global Situational Awareness Facility, communications platforms for use during travel, at residences, and at various alternate sites.
  • Continuity program management for the Immediate Office (Continuity of Operations, Continuity of Government, and Continuity of Presidency).

The SecDef Comms Cables Branch, staffed by 26 active duty military personnel and 4 General Schedule government civilians, provides communications services for the SecDef, Deputy SecDef, and their immediate offices. Cables serves as the operational information management and command and control support center, providing strategic information and situational awareness through:

  • A 24/7 watch floor presence.
  • Comprehensive voice, video, and data services across all security enclaves.
  • Information and knowledge management.
  • Call center support providing rapid establishment of telephone connections via a wide array of classified and non-classified systems, including the DTL network.
  • An organizational messaging center for the SecDef and Deputy SecDef, their immediate offices, and other entities receiving SDC support.
  • Collaboration with the National Military Command Center, State Department Operations Center, and White House Situational Room.

Career Opportunities

Military personnel assigned to the SDC Cables Branch ensure the SecDef’s dynamic information and communications requirements are met, and liaise daily with senior military and civilian officials from the Immediate Office of the SecDef, Joint Staff, Congress, the White House, cabinet agencies, and foreign ministries of defense.

The military occupational specialties within SDC Cables are listed below. Personnel interested in working in SDC Cables must apply through their respective military service branch process. Incumbents serve within watch positions as an Executive Support Officer (Battle Captain) or Executive Support Supervisor (Operations Noncommissioned Officer).

For more information, please contact at 703-692-7001/7003 or DSN 312-222-7001/7003

SDC utilizes for advertisement of civilian job opportunities.

Upon advertisement for turnover, DISA and the SecDef’s SMA consider nominations from all services for the O6 SDC Director billet.




Military Occupational Specialty

Air Force Seal
Air Force


(E7 billets)

1C371, 3D173



17X, 86P,16G

Army Seal



25B, 42A




Navy Seal






1820 (IP)

Marine Corps Seal
Marine Corps




*Coded for Joint service credit