In addition to a comprehensive federal employee benefits package, DISA is committed to fostering an environment that not only responds to the various needs and goals of its employees, but is also conducive to a better quality of life in general. DISA achieves this through a variety of programs designed to promote a more beneficial lifestyle both professionally and personally.

Workplace Flexibility

Compressed Work Schedule

A compressed work schedule (CWS) consists of an approved work schedule composed of eight 9-hour workdays and one 8-hour workday. CWS allows for an additional non-workday within each biweekly pay period; essentially, you get an extra day off every other week. Employees complete a basic 80-hour work period in less than 10 working days. There are several types of compressed work schedules; 5-4-9 is the most common, with supervisors approval.


Telework is a part of the DISA culture. Eligible employees may telework at an alternative worksite (i.e. GSA Telework Center, at home, or at a Satellite Office) on a regular and recurring schedule for a maximum of three days per week.


Wellness Program

The Wellness Program is an added benefit that allows eligible DISA employees to participate in an exercise program during the workday without charge to leave for a maximum of one hour per day, three times per week. The DISA Wellness program is designed to encourage and motivate employees to develop a healthy lifestyle and enhance the quality of work life.

Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) brings together a variety of personal services. The program includes activities and counseling in the areas of personal finance, emotional and psychological problems, and substance abuse awareness and treatment. The primary focus of the EAP is to assist employees and their families who want help dealing with a substance abuse problem.

Worklife4You Program

This program provides DISA employees with complete and personalized consultation, education, information and referral services via telephone and the Federal Occupational Health (FOH) comprehensive work and life website. The program provides a wealth of information, tools and resources for employees. The program is designed to assist with:

  1. Family issues such as adoption;
  2. Funeral planning, child care, aging loved ones;
  3. Health and wellness issues, such as health of children, men, seniors, diet and nutrition needs;
  4. Education issues such as financial aid;
  5. Financial/legal issues such credit/debt;
  6. Retirement, estate planning, and
  7. Daily life issues such as home improvement, pet care, automotive, relocation.


Mass Transit Subsidy

The availability of Mass Transit Benefits is another work life tool for DISA. If you utilize mass transit, you can qualify to receive a subsidy each month. Mass transit benefits can be used on qualified means of mass transportation to include vanpools, buses, commuter rail, and metro.  Employees can receive a benefit up to their maximum commuting costs, not to exceed $265 a month, tax free, excluding parking.

Federal Benefits

As a federal employee, there are several benefits programs available to you, in areas such as insurance and retirement, most of which are available to immediately opt into upon the start of duty.

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