Office of Small Business


DISA 101 Small Business Orientation (DISA 101)

  • The small business orientation forum is an interactive event that provides a small business with an overview of the Defense Information Systems Agency, what the Agency buys, how the Agency buys, and how to find information regarding contracting opportunities as well as networking.
  • DISA 101 in-person forums occur bi-monthly. (This is subject to change.) Online offerings are provided on an as needed basis. Small businesses are encouraged to attend the DISA 101 Small Business Orientation Session before requesting a one-on-one appointment with a small business professional.
  • Companies must request an invitation to attend DISA 101.
  • Attendance is limited to two small business representatives from each company.
  • If you are located outside of the National Capital Region: We will provide you with the option of either an online training or we will redirect you to our geographically separated office at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois to participate via teleconference.

Speaking Engagement Requests

The DISA Office of Small Business Programs works hard to engage in open communications with large and small businesses. Throughout the year, the OSBP accepts speaking engagements to serve as a keynote speaker, a member of a panel or roundtable, or as a moderator subject to approval from our Public Affairs Office.

Please submit an official written invitation at least 90 days prior to the event via email to