DISA Ft. Meade HQ in 2022


Defense Information Systems Agency developed this inventory of Web site content as required by Section 207(f)(2) of the E-Government Act of 2002. The section requires all federal agencies to develop an inventory of information to be published on their websites, establish a schedule for publishing information, make those schedules available for public comment, and post the schedules and priorities on the website. Revisions to existing information are scheduled and implemented as soon as new information becomes available. Please send your questions, comments or other feedback about this information to disa.meade.bd.mbx.web-team@mail.mil.

Our priorities and schedules for making information available and accessible on our Web site are as follows:

  • Priority 1: required by law, regulation, Presidential directive, or other official directive or to ensure national security
  • Priority 2: mission-critical and essential for program operations, but not required by law, regulation, or Presidential directive
  • Priority 3: frequently requested information or services that would improve business processes and/or customer service to the public

Category Description


Web Publication Priority

Information, links, documents and disclaimers required by law or presidential/official directives

  • Link to USA.gov
  • No Fear Act
  • Privacy Policy
  • No Fear Act Data


Information and documents that are essential for program operations and tied directly to the DISA's mission.

  • Strategy


Information and tools to help the public keep up with the steady flow of information that is added to the DISA web site.

  • Press Releases
  • RSS Feeds
  • Audiocasts


Information and documents that describe the functioning and organization of the agency and its components.

  • Organizational Chart
  • Jobs
  • Contracts
  • Biographies
  • EEO


Information and tools that improve business processes and/or customer service to the public.

  • Fact Sheets
  • Page Corrections
  • FAQ’s
  • Index A-Z