Important Notice: The Defense Information Systems Agency has received multiple requests for a copy of Standard Form 61 and 61B. The Standard Form 61 is an employment appointment affidavit form for federal employees and the Standard Form 61B is a declaration of appointment for federal employees and was cancelled in January 1995. If you have never worked for the Defense Information Systems Agency, this Agency would not maintain records pertaining to you.

The Defense Information Systems Agency is not an investigative agency and does not and would not maintain records on private citizens unless those individuals are currently employed with this Agency. If you are interested in receiving your Standard Form 61 and 61B (if signed on or before January 1995), you need to contact the government agency where you are currently or have previously been employed.

Note: If you request a Standard Form 61 and 61B from DISA without identifying what years you worked for DISA, you will receive a response that requests to know when you worked for DISA.  The response will include a specific statement of fact that DISA records DO NOT provide any information usable to support a claim of being a “sovereign citizen” or otherwise establish any claim of immunity from the civil and criminal jurisdiction of the government.

DISA Instruction 630-225-8, is a guide that assigns responsibilities for the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Program for DISA and provides instructions for the submittal of FOIA requests.

Questions on both the substance and procedures of the FOIA and DISA's implementation should be addressed to the DISA FOIA Officer by the most expeditious means possible, including telephone calls, faxes, and electronic requests.

Requests for DISA contracts or contract related records should be sent to:

ATTN: DITCO FOIA Requester Service Center
2300 East Drive
Scott AFB, Illinois 62225-5406
Com: 618-229-9310
Fax: 618-229-9755

The Electronic Reading Room contains documents specifically identified for inclusion by the FOIA, as well as documents for which we have received multiple FOIA requests.