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The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) has the responsibility for defining the overall technical strategies for the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). These strategies are the basis for the technology related investment, development, operations and sustainment of critical net-centric products and services provided by DISA. The CTO provides technical review and oversight of DISA’s efforts to ensure they are in accordance with established strategies and executed using sound, system engineering techniques.


  1. Develop and approve the DISA net-centricity and IP convergence strategy.
  2. Review and approve detailed net-centricity and IP convergence plans developed by Program and Service Managers.
  3. Conduct technical reviews of all solutions, products and services to determine compliance with overall DISA strategy and evaluate soundness of technical approach.  Provide recommendations as required to appropriate DISA leadership.
  4. Conduct technical reconnaissance to identify and recommend innovative engineering techniques, technologies, and products that may be of use to DISA.
  5. Represent DISA at senior level technical exchanges, conferences, panels, etc.
  6. Advise the Director and Vice-Director on all aspects of technology relevant to DISA efforts.
  7. Approve all technical standards leaving DISA and oversee all standards development.
  8. In conjunction with CAE, AFE, and SPI, conduct end-to-end reviews of all solutions, programs (how programs fit together), and services, ensuring all are consistent with GIG architecture and standards.
  9. Exercise governance over Joint Capability Technology Demonstrations and other technology innovation initiatives.
  10. Guide, direct and lead the Chief Engineers Panel.
  11. Work in conjunction with the Technical Director for Global NetOps to ensure the technical soundness of global NetOps systems and solutions.