This year the Defense Information Systems Agency will debut the inaugural Department of Defense Public Safety Communications Symposium at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland, June 2-3.

With focused content for Federal, state, local, and tribal first responders who have the mission of keeping the country safe during natural and man-made events, this symposium will address the myriad facets of DoD public safety communications.

Planned topics include:

  • DoD and Public Safety Communications
  • DoD Enterprise Mass Warning and Notification System
  • Federal Communications Commission Rules and Regulations concerning Public Safety Communications
  • DoD Instruction 6055.17 (Emergency Management) and the draft DoD Directive and Instruction on technology associated with DoD Public Safety Communications
  • Draft DoD directives and instructions on Public Safety Communications

Presentations from:

  • The State 911 Grant Program
  • The National Association of State 911 Administrators
  • The National Emergency Communications Preparedness Center
  • The Federal Communications Commission

Confirmed Speakers include:

  • Harriet Rennie-Brown, Executive Director, National Association of State 911 Administrators
  • Laurie Flaherty, Coordinator of the National 911 Program, Office of Emergency Medical Services, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  • Dave Furth, Federal Communications Commission

The conference is free to registered Federal, state and local government and military attendees.

All DoD Public Safety Communications Symposium attendees must be registered for AFCEA TechNet Cyber.

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