2019 Forecast to Industry - Vision in 3D


The Defense Information Systems Agency’s (DISA) 2019 Forecast to Industry event was held at Martin’s West, in Baltimore, Maryland, Nov. 4.

The event provided DISA’s industry partners with in-depth information about DISA's acquisition and procurement plans for the 2020/2021 fiscal years.

If you have questions, please contact us at disa.meade.bdc.mbx.f2i@mail.mil.

Videos and briefing slides from the event are linked below.

Topic: Opening Remarks & Strategic Overview
Speaker: Vice Adm. Nancy A. Norton

Topic: Senior Procurement Executive
Speaker: Maj. Gen. Garrett Yee

Topic: Procurement Services Executive Welcome
Speaker: Douglas Packard

Topic: COMSATCOM (Air Force Space Command)
Speaker: Melissa Copeland

Topic: Development and Business Center Introduction
Speaker: Stuart Timerman

Topic: Emerging Technologies
Speaker: Stephen Wallace

Topic: Endpoint Security Solutions
Speaker: Diane Phan

Topic: Perimeter Defense
Speaker: Malachi Outen

Topic: Cyber Situational Awareness/Netops
Speaker: Tinisha McMillan

Topic: Services Development: Command & Control
Speaker: Dr. Brian Hermann

Topic: Services Development: Enterprise Wide Services
Speaker: Neil Mazuranic

Topic: Operations Center Introduction
Speaker: David Bennett

Topic: Commercial Ethernet Gateway (CEG)
Speaker: Eric Jackson

Topic: DoDIN Implementation
Speaker: Helena Underwood

Topic: DISN Engineering
Speaker: Laura Balas

Topic: Mobility Portfolio Management Office
Speaker: Mark Long

Topic: Fourth Estate Network Optimization
Speaker: Col. Chris Autrey

Topic: Joint Service Provider
Speaker: Lawrence Klooster

Topic: Office of Small Business Programs
Speaker: Carlen Capenos

Topic: DISA FY20 Contracting Overview
Speaker: Douglas Packard