DOD Information Network (DODIN) Capabilities Requirements (DCR) Industry Advisory Council (IAC) Symposium


The Defense Information Systems Agency, in support of the Department of Defense Chief Information Officer (DoD CIO), welcomes the participation of industry and government partners in the 2020 Department of Defense Information Network Capabilities Requirements Industry Advisory Council. This event will present the latest public-facing requirements for commercial product testing to be authorized for the DoDIN Approved Products List.

The format of this event is an open symposium where industry and government partners can exchange information, ideas and capabilities.

Participants are encouraged to share information in working and focus group sessions for all DoDIN-related technologies.

The expanding scope of the DCR 2020 document will require active participation by additional industry partners at this and future events to ensure acceptance of new information and communications technologies.

The DCR IAC will:

  • Provide current information to all industry and government partners on current and upcoming DoDIN Framework objectives and requirements
  • Provide current information on government processes for including commercial products into the DoDIN
  • Engage with industry to exchange information, ideas, lessons learned, and to discuss future capabilities and emerging technologies
  • Listen to industry and government partners regarding current or future capabilities and updates to the DoD Instruction 8100.04

The conference is free to registered government and military attendees.

All DODIN Capabilities Requirements Industry Advisory Council Symposium attendees must be registered for AFCEA TechNet Cyber.

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