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By Tabitha Kuykendall  
Fourth Estate Network Optimization Program
June 6, 2022 

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The Fourth Estate Network Optimization Program Office, under the direction of the Endpoint Services and Customer Support Directorate, has funded new computer upgrades to address physical security requirements and workplace productivity for users under the new network, Department of Defense Network.

The program office recently identified a security issue with newly purchased desktop computers and is funding a one-time $60,000 solution for customers who already purchased the workstations.

The remediated desktops are also available for purchase through the DODNet Equipment Management Catalog. Additional modernization efforts have resulted in new Dell Windows 10 2-in-1 with camera, as well as performance upgrades to current DODNet workstations for Fourth Estate Network Optimization customers.

Fourth Estate Network Optimization’s testing laboratory and the Global Service Desk have partnered with Dell to identify improvement strategies to provide customers with a superior, more accelerated experience.

The collaboration is identifying, investigating, negotiating and funding replacement parts and equipment upgrades necessary to better support the “anywhere” workforce environment with increased specifications to improve speed, agility and security for higher performance capabilities.

“We are listening to our customers and meeting their needs by beefing up specifications to improve computer functionality and meet Microsoft’s evolving requirements. For instance, we’re preparing for the launch of Microsoft Windows 11 – new to DODNet, which is our future operating platform,” said Ronald E. Wise, Client Services Branch chief. “Microsoft has a baseline of minimum specification requirements to adequately run Microsoft Office 365, Teams and Windows 11; so, these specifications will allow for an optimized experience, with ample room for growth.”

Wise added, “with these overall improvements to the specifications, such as decreasing lag issues, adding enhanced features to laptops, etc., we have invested in a new normal of equipping users with modernized machines – proving with action that we are listening to you, and we are making improvements.”

This accelerated experience will help facilitate the preparedness and readiness required for daily, uninterrupted use of upcoming modernized software capabilities such as Microsoft Teams and Windows 11 on the new network.

“We’ve heard your concerns and we’re rapidly solving them with added security elements, and other improvements, that will surely elevate the end-user experience,” said Laura Herbertson, Fourth Estate Network Optimization deputy program manager.

“Our program office has taken security implications, complaints about lagging computers and other performance challenges to heart. Solving these challenges hasn’t been easy, but it is with great priority that we’re handling them as quickly as possible to ensure our Fourth Estate Network Optimization customers can work in a better environment to accomplish their missions with vigor, and without frustration.”

Fourth Estate Network Optimization customers will also benefit from negotiated discounted rates of 53 percent, which is an average cost savings of $1,436.63 per workstation – a significant benefit compared to other DOD members for an improved network experience.

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