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DISA announces $198.9 million OTA award for Cloud Based Internet Isolation Program

DISA Strategic Communication and Public Affairs

The Defense Information Systems Agency’s Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization selected By Light Professional IT Services, LLC to receive another transaction authority agreement award in support of the Department of Defense’s Cloud Based Internet Isolation program. This is DISA’s first production OTA awarded to an industry partner.

With a ceiling of $198.9 million, this OTA moves non-mission-essential internet browsing off of the endpoint to a cloud-based environment. By doing so, it significantly reduces the risk and attack surface of the Department of Defense Information Networks and relieves congestion at the internet access points. The OTA has a one-year base period with four one-year option periods.

By partnering with industry, DISA’s CBII team determined a means to transform how DoD defends against internet web browser-based threats. This partnership will provide direct support to our nation’s warfighters by providing cybersecurity within the cloud while protecting the warfighter’s electronic devices from exposure to direct threats. With this modernization effort and sustaining operational readiness, the warfighter will continue to maintain lethality on the battlefield.

A collaborative relationship early in this OTA acquisition strategy and assessment phase with DITCO drastically reduced acquisition timelines. The result was the fielding of two leading capabilities, through the award of two prototype OTAs.

Mission partners across DoD actively participated in the prototype by deploying and testing both capabilities. Their continued collaboration and in-depth feedback regarding requirements and how DISA could best meet them aided with DISA’s metrics-driven approach to select a product that meets the operational and financial objectives of the program.

The CBII solutions demonstrated successful completion of the prototype OTAs. Each solution met CBII project milestones and accomplished a particularly favorable outcome in terms of increasing the DISA/DoD cybersecurity posture. This provided bandwidth savings and bandwidth reduction and reducing congestion at DISA/DoD internet access points.

The CBII capability transfers internet browsing sessions from the traditional desktop browser to a secure, isolated cloud platform. This service isolates potential malicious code and content within the cloud platform, separating the threat from direct connections to DoD networks.



Posted August 19, 2020