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DISA’s unclassified Apple device enrollment program reduces provisioning time, increases security

The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) now offers an Apple device enrollment program as an option available to all mission partners using the DOD Mobility Unclassified Capability (DMUC) service with iOS devices.

The Apple device enrollment program is a free service that allows mission partners to streamline DMUC enrollment, reducing device provisioning time by more than 40 percent and providing additional device management controls to improve security.

“The Apple device enrollment program makes for a better user experience — an area we are always seeking to improve,” said Al Smith, program manager for DMUC. “The added controls also provide yet another layer of security and the best part … there is no added cost to the mission partner. DMUC’s adoption of this device enrollment program represents our continued commitment to provide secure, responsive, and interoperable enterprise mobility capabilities to the DOD and its mission partners.”

The device enrollment program includes several advantages, such as:

  • Automatically enroll devices in mobile device management without having to physically touch or prep each device before users receive them. This ensures all users receive the organization’s configuration immediately when they activate their device.
  • A simplified setup process, so users are up and running quickly.
  • Administrators can prevent end users from removing management profiles.
  • Assists the owning organization with recovery of lost or stolen devices.
  • Enhances DMUC’s cybersecurity posture by reducing user-based enforcement requirements, which are performed or automated by an administrator instead.

This enterprise rollout follows months of carefully monitored pilot testing with U.S. Africa Command, U.S. European Command, and the Defense Contract Management Agency, said Smith.

This initiative is one of the latest in DMUC’s array of enterprise service offerings.

For additional information regarding the Apple device enrollment program or other services the DOD Mobility Program provides, visit the DOD Mobility User Corner (Common Access Card required) or email DISA’s Mission Partner Engagement Office.



Posted August 22, 2018