DISA Acquisition Decisions May 2023


Date of Acquisition Decision Title of Acquisition on Forecast/Requirements Name (Dated FY23 Q2) Tracker Contracting POC Email Address DITCO Office NAICS Contract Vehicle Acquisition Strategy Requirements Owner Anticipated Release Date (As of 5 May 23)
8/16/2022 Line 134 on Forecast - JSP Platform Services 832267288 jacob.m.prange2.civ@mail.mil PL8331 541512 GSA MAS Small Business set-aside JSP 27 April 2023
4/27/2023 Was FAMIS on Forecast.  Now called FMS3-OCFO 612268320 kate.r.steff.civ@mail.mil PL61 541219 OASIS F&O Full and Open Competition DISA OSFO May 5, 2023
4/27/2023 Line 64 on Forecast - Defense Red Switch Network (DRSN) 642369128 melissa.l.sterling2.civ@mail.mil PL64 541512 GSA MAS Small business set aside Cyber Command End of May 2023
4/26/2023 Line 87 on Forecast - Risk Management Executive (RME) Policy, Development, and Operational Support 622268550 todd.r.nace.civ@mail.mil PL63 541519 ENCORE III SB Small business set aside DISA EIIC EC1 June 2, 2023
4/25/2023 #99 on Forecast - Subject Matter Expert Supporting Comply to Connect 832369761 tara.s.simmons-gulck.civ@mail.mil PL8331 541511 GSA MAS Small business set aside DISA ID Aug 7, 2023
4/24/2023 Not on Forecast - Manpower and Organizational Study 622366487 korrina.l.taitano.civ@mail.mil PL62 541611 SETI SB Small business set aside DISA Director May 15, 2023
4/20/2023 Line #51 - JSSC-ITSS 622369826 michael.e.pirone.civ@mail.mil PL62 541519 ENCORE III SB Small business set aside JSSC Mid June 2023
4/17/2023 Line 110 - Communications Incident Mgmt & Operations Supt 832369836 clinton.c.rohloff.civ@mail.mil PL8331 541512 GSA MAS WOSB set aside DISA HaCC June 20, 2023
From Last Month
4/12/2023 PKI Modernization 832266534 rachel.l.arentsen.civ@mail.mil PL8311 541512 SETI unrestricted Full and Open Competition DISA IS/ID21 May 30, 2023
3/30/2023 Line 185 on Forecast - Inmarsat Aeronautical
Services BPA
CSS0109 michael.t.odonnell2.civ@mail.mil PL8221 517410 GSA MAS Full and Open Competition USSF SSC CSCO Mid May 2023
3/6/2023 Forecast Line 170 - DCMA Electronic Document Records
Mgmt System (EDRMS) Sustainment
642369266 marissa.l.russo.civ@mail.mil PL64 541512 GSA MAS SDVOSB set aside DCMA April 27, 2023
2/27/2023 Not on Forecast - Distributed Antennae Systems (LMR-DAS) 832267304 jacob.m.prange2.civ@mail.mil PL8331 541519 GSA MAS Small business set aside JSP End of April, 2023
2/22/2023 Not on Forecast - Endpoint Modernization 832369156 brittany.l.williams93.civ@mail.mil PL8331 541519 STARS III 8a competitive JSP April 28, 2023
2/22/2023 Forecast #191 - Power Control Mgmt Subsystem 832369105 lindsey.m.kahl.civ@mail.mil PL8311 541519 ENCORE III SB Small business set aside Army PdM WESS April 19, 2023
12/23/2022 Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) 0 Engineering & Program
Management Support (EPMS) Services
832268846 john.b.wilson48.civ@mail.mil PL8311 541519 SETI SB Small business set aside DoD DMZ Program Late April 2023
12/7/2022 Line 179 on Forecast - ORAM J3 Operations
Support Services
832267775 megan.m.swinney.civ@mail.mil PL8311 541519 ENCORE III SB Small business set aside JFHQ-DODIN June 2023

DISCLAIMERS: The information above is provided as a courtesy to interested vendors and is supplemental to the DISA Forecast published in Quarter 2 FY23. The acquisition decisions have already been made based on market research andare not open for further discussion or debate. No further information is available until the solicitation /RFP/ RFQ is posted. At that time, questions may be submitted to the Contracting POC(s) listed in the solicitation/RFP/RFQ. The email addresses listed above should be contacted only to ensure that your company is included on the list of vendors to be provided the solicitation/RFP/RFQ in the event that the solicitation/RFP/RFQ is not posted to a Governmentwide
point-of-entry. NOTES: This list does not include sole source awards, SEWP acquisitions or acquisitions executed via GSA's Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions or Telecom Requirements that require a Basic Agreement