DISA Acquisition Decisions February 2024


Date of Acquisition Decision Title of Acquisition on Forecast/Requirements Name (Dated FY23 Q3) Tracker Contracting POC Email Address DITCO Office NAICS Contract Vehicle Acquisition Strategy Requirements Owner Anticipated Release Date (As of 1 Feb 24)
1/31/2024 Not on Forecast - PLEO CIR Land Fixedl N6600124MP00199 natalie.b.britton.civ@mail.mil PL8222 517410 PLEO Full and Open Competition CSCO 1 Feb 2024
1/29/2024 Forecast Line 74 - ACAS integration and sustainment 832368270 tara.s.simmons-gulck.civ@mail.mil PL8331 541511 GSA MAS Small business set aside ID31 15 Mar 2024
1/29/2024 Not on Forecast - PIVU portal 622468567 william.k.selsor.civ@mail.mill PL62 541512 SETI SB Small business set aside SD2 19 Feb 2024
1/24/2024 Forecast Line #153 - Common Network Planning S/W (CNPS) 832366975 rebecca.d.mooney.civ@mail.mil PL8312 541512 SSETI unrestricted Full and Open Competition PdM WESS 26 Feb 2024
1/23/2024 Forecast Line #11 - Organizational Messaging Service (OMS) National Gateway Center’s (NGC) Command and Control (C2) Messaging Interoperability HC108924CMTMS11 sebrina.a.lewis.civ@mail.mil PL62 541512 GSA Alliant Full and Open Competition DISA/SD 16 Feb 2024
1/11/2024 Not on Forecast - Door Openers 832366661 john.m.ross138.civ@mail.mil PL8332 238290 Open Market Full and Open Competition DISA COL Due 13 Feb 2024
1/10/2024 Not on Forecast - DISA OKC PA System 832468580 gabriel.f.zuccarelli.civ@mail.mil PL8332 334310 GSA MAS Small business set aside DISA OKC Feb 2024
From Last Month
12/28/2023 Not on Forecast - DeCA Price Optimization Tool 842368173 terri.l.rollins.civ@mail.mil PL8413 541519 Open Market Full and Open Competition DeCA Due 20 Feb 2024
11/3/2023 Line 92 on Forecast - Planning & Environmt Ops Supt to 318th Cyberspace Ops Grp OL-B 832366934 brenda.f.green6.civ@mail.mil PL8312 541519 ENCORE III F&O Full and Open Competition USAF, ACC, 16AF, 67CW, 318COG, JIOR Feb 2024
11/14/2023 Line 145 on Forecast- Enterprise Print Management Services (EPMS) 832366730 lacey.arentsen.civ@mail.mil PL8222 541513 STARS III 8a competitive JSP 5 Feb 2024
11/20/2023 Line 67 on Forecast - USAEDS Network Telecom Services 822468420 kari.l.kinzel.civ@mail.mil PL8231 517810 Open Market Small business set aside AFTAC 15 Feb 2024
11/30/2023 Line 10 on Forecast-Part of the C2T&E effort.  Now called Command and Control (C2) Software Factory (C2SF) 622367798 korrina.l.taitano.civ@mail.mil PL62 541512 SETI SB Small business set aside SD4 Due 20 Feb 2024
11/28/2023 Line 74 on Forecast-Enterprise Transport Management (ETM) 2.0 832369753 brittany.l.williams93.civ@mail.mil PL8331 541519 GSA MAS Small business set aside J6 March
11/30/2023 Not on Forecast -Transitional Voice Services (TVS) 832366670 lynnette.m.harris.civ@mail.mil PL8222 517111 Open Market Full and Open Competition DITCO Due 20 Feb 2024
10/25/2023 Line 160 on Forecast - Audio-Video/Video Teleconference (AV/VTC) Core Services 832366327 joan.m.mattingly3.civ@mail.mil PL8222 541513 ENCORE III SB Small business set aside JSP Due 8 Feb 2024
10/24/2023 Line #60 - Security Escort Services 832367341 ronald.e.witt4.civ@mail.mil PL8332 561612 GSA MAS Small business set aside DISA IE Due 12 Jan 24
10/23/2023 Not on Forecast - 375th Scott Cyber Support 832366597 kari.c.taylor2.civ@mail.mil PL8312 541519 GSA MAS 8a competitive 375th Communications Squadron Feb 2024
10/20/2023 Not on Forecast - National Defense University Enterprise IT Services 642369727 melissa.l.sterling2.civ@mail.mil PL64 541519 ENCORE III SB Small business set aside National Defense University Due 9 Feb 2024
10/13/2023 Line 156 on Forecast - COMPMOD 832369755 emily.k.couch-oliver.civ@mail.mil PL8312 541519 ENCORE III F&O Full and Open Competition Army FY24 Q2
8/22/2023 Line #141 - Cybersecurity Technical and Analytical Services (CTAS) 832369136 vanessa.m.gonzalez2.civ@mail.mil PL8313 541519 GSA MAS HUBZone set aside DISA IE Due 15 Feb 2024
8/18/2023 Forecast #61- EcoSystem: DISA Data Center Services  832369632 jacob.w.argent.civ@mail.mil PL8331 541512 GSA MAS Small business set aside HACC 9 Feb 2024

DISCLAIMERS: The information above is provided as a courtesy to interested vendors and is supplemental to the DISA Forecast published in Quarter 2 FY24. The acquisition decisions have already been made based on market research and are not open for further discussion or debate. No further information is available until the solicitation/RFP/RFQ is posted. At that time, questions may be submitted to the Contracting POC(s) listed in the solicitation/RFP/RFQ. The email addresses listed above should be contacted only to ensure that your company is included on the list of vendors to be provided the solicitation/RFP/RFQ in the event that the solicitation/RFP/RFQ is not posted to a Government-wide point-of-entry. NOTES: This list does not include sole source awards, SEWP acquisitions or acquisitions executed via GSA's Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions or Telecom Requirements that require a Basic Agreement.