Network Services




SBU Voice provides IP and circuit-switched voice-band data transfer and dial-up videoconferencing. SBU Voice is required to provide assured voice communications to Command and Control (C2) customers. Services are provided through the implementation of military unique features, including Assured Services like Multiple Level Precedence and Preemption (MLPP), to support the military C2 functions.



Quality of Service (QOS) — provides the ability to provide different priorities to different pre-marked packets (applications, users, or data flows) or to guarantee a certain level of performance to those packets across the DISN. It does not provide on customer's traffic a higher priority than another customer's traffic.

Automated Access
SBU Voice services also provide automated access capabilities to the following networks:

  • International gateways to the defense networks of our allies for cost avoidance of international commercial calling (e.g., Australia, Canada, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), New Zealand, and United Kingdom).
  • Enhanced Mobile Satellite Services (EMSS).
  • Government Emergency Telephone System (GETS).

Survivable Service
The following features contribute to the survivability of the SBU Voice:

  • No single point of vulnerability will exist for the entire network.
  • Transport supporting major installations (e.g., base, post, camp, and station leased or commercial sites/locations) will use physically diverse DISN routes (where possible).

Assured Connectivity
Special C2 users under the current SBU Voice MLPP scheme (Flash and Flash Override) are provided non-blocking service.

Interoperable Service
SBU Voice is designed with the capability to permit interconnection and interoperation with similar tactical, U.S. Government, allied and commercial networks; all hardware and software in the network must be certified as interoperable and Information Assurance (IA) accredited as specified.

Service Offering Sensitive but Unclassified Voice (formerly known as VoIP and DSN)
Service Lifecycle Status Maintain & Sustain
Security Classification Up to and including Sensitive but Unclassified (SBU)
Value to Our Mission Partners SBU Voice provides a global inter-base, non-secure or secure, DoD telecommunication service for Command and Control (C2) use by DoD authorized users in accordance with national security directives.
Service Performance

Service performance is measured, monitored, and reported as defined in the Telecommunications Service Level Agreement, which can be found on the Telecommunications Service Level Agreement page.

Service Rates Service rate information can be found on the DISA Direct Home page at under Inventory and Billing.
Connection Approval There are services that require a connection approval. Information regarding connection approvals can be found at the DISN Connection Process website for unclassified users, and at website for classified users.