The Assured Compliance Assessment Solution (ACAS) tool automatically identifies configuration vulnerabilities that could threaten the security of the DoD's computer systems. ACAS enhances the availability and security of the DoD Information Network (DODIN) by ensuring adherence to Information Assurance (IA) and Network Operations (NetOps) policies. The tool includes a scanning device, report generator, and hierarchical reporting capability to the Vulnerability Management System (VMS). The ACAS tool is a follow-on capability to the Secure Configuration Compliance Validation Initiative (SCCVI) tool.


Sec Center As the central console for ACAS, Security Center offers the ability to automate and quickly scale an organization’s vulnerability and compliance scanning infrastructure, as well as provide capabilities to allow for management, alerting, and reporting against vulnerability and compliance requirements.
Nessus A fully capable scanner covers a breadth of checks, including unique Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs), and successfully operates across different environments.


The X-Tool converts distributed eXtensible Checklist Configurations Description Format (XCCDF) files into Extensible Markup Language (XML) schema, which allows the files to be imported into SecurityCenter and easily customized, if necessary.

3D Tool

The Topology Viewer imports asset data from the Nessus scanner or SecurityCenter and provides graphical analysis information such as network and protocol maps, communication paths, and vulnerability maps. The Topology Viewer also imports and converts Open Vulnerability Assessment Language (OVAL) vulnerability files for upload into SecurityCenter.

PV Scanner

The PVS monitors network traffic in real-time. It determines server and client side vulnerabilities and sends these to Security Center in real-time. It continuously looks for new hosts, new applications and new vulnerabilities without requiring the need for active scanning.