DISN Connection Process Guide



SME-PED Description

The Secure Mobile Environment-Portable Electronic Device (SME-PED) is a DISN offering that provides the DoD with the capability that allows wireless NIPRNet and SIPRNet access, to include e-mail and web browsing, in one device. It also provides the user secure and non-secure voice capabilities. Organizations that implement SME-PED must ensure user procedures are in place for use, protection, and control of SME-PED devices.

Some of the service highlights are as follows:

  • Converged secure/voice data product
  • Secure and non-secure PDA functionality
  • Unclassified and Secret secure data
  • "Push E-mail" synchronized with desktop
  • Secure and non-secure cellular phone functionality
  • Unclassified and "up to" Top Secret secure voice
  • Worldwide service capability - GSM/CDMA
  • Data at rest - PIN and token


SME-PED Connection Process

Partners/sponsors that require access to the SME-PED service do not currently follow the connection process identified in this guide. Use of SME-PED is dependent on a SIPRNet connection at the local enclave. Implementation of the SME-PED service requires that a SME-PED server be added to the local SIPRNet enclave. The addition of a server to the local enclave requires an update to the site accreditation package. Once the enclave DAA has approved inclusion of SME-PED into the accreditation boundary, an updated accreditation package should be submitted to the DISA CAO.


Points of Contact

Connection Approval Office (CAO)
Unclassified Email


Classified Email


Phone (Commercial) 301-225-2900
Phone (DSN) 312-375-2900


SME-PED Program Office
Phone (Commercial) 410-854-1408/1460/1932


Additional Policy and Guidance Documents

For more information on the SME-PED program, refer to the following website: http://www.disa.mil/services/smeped.html.