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Ensure that the DSN number you have dialed is correct. If you dialed the number correctly and are still having trouble, report the problem as follows:

Keep the line connected if you can. Overseas users should call their local telephone reporting desk or the local operator. CONUS users should call the DISN Customer Contact Center at DSN 850-4790 or commercial at 1-800-554-3476. Tell the attendant:

  • Your DSN number and location.
  • Called party DSN number and location.
  • What the problem was and when it occurred.
  • If you hear an announcement, listen to the entire recording.
  • You will hear an error message and a switch number and country name. Provide this information to the trouble desk.
    The information will help technicians trace the source of the trouble.
  • Get the attendant's initials and then request a call back when the trouble is corrected.


If you are not satisfied with the results when you report a problem, contact the appropriate DISA organization for your area. If the problem is technical rather than procedural, specific details may be required. If you need assistance in filling out the report, contact your local telecommunications officer or the officer-in-charge (OIC) of the station switchboard. The report must contain the following information:

  • Your station name, unit name, DSN telephone number, and whether the trouble concerns a telephone or a switchboard;
  • The time and date you noticed the problem, the DSN trouble desk to which it was reported, and whether the problem was
    solved; and
  • What kind of problem you had and the impact it had on your mission.

Action: Send the report to DISA HQ, Code GS-23, or the supporting DISA Field Office for your organization.

Information: The Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Agency in your area responsible for providing service.